Colourful ranibow paper collage children'e craft activity

Everybody loves rainbows! This craft activity is a winner every time and fantastic for younger children age 2 years and older. The inspiration for this project came from the amazing ART BAR BLOG, I urge you to go and check out Barbara's website for the most amazing kids craft activity ideas.

Rainbow collages are a great activity to encourage colour recognition with little ones and to talk about the science behind rainbows with older children. You can either prepare the collage materials before hand or you can get your children involved in cutting up the scraps of paper, which is fantastic cutting practice and great for developing fine motor skills. We always save scraps of paper, card, fabric and old paintings to use for collage, there is something I find very satisfying about sorting items into colour groups!

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Begin by cutting out rainbow shapes in cardboard for the base of your collage. Sort all your collage materials into colour groups and then begin gluing. For younger children you can draw the rainbow sections onto the cardboard to give them a guideline for where to glue.

Raindow coloured collage materials for craft

Child making rainbow pattern paper collage

rainbow collage kids artwork

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