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Recycled cardboard box dolls house

In a world of finite resources and a pressing climate crisis, as a family we are always looking for ways we can reduce our environmental impact. We are not prefect by any means but we are trying to make meaningful long term changes.

One way we try to do this is by using recycled materials in our craft projects to make our own toys, rather than buying new resources. This type of project also develops resourcefulness and creativity in our little ones, encouraging them to look beyond the primary function of an object, like a cardboard box, and see new potential of what it could be.

My little ones loved making and playing with this recycled cardboard box dolls house. One of our favourite kids craft blogs ART BAR also has an amazing version, check out their SHOE BOX MANSION!


  • Small/medium size cardboard boxes
  • Glue (PVA and hot glue)
  • Scissors
  • Items to decorate your house like; coloured paper, old paintings, foam sheets and fabric scraps
  • Items to furnish your house like; bottle tops, cardboard, wood blocks and corks


Begin by cutting the top flaps off all your boxes and arranging them to make the rooms of your dolls house.

make your own cardboard box dolls house from recycled materials

Gather your materials together and begin to decorate the house. We used a selection of old paintings, coloured paper and fabric scraps. You could also decorate your rooms with paint or marker pens. Think about other features you could add like windows or stairs. We added a fire place and chimney.

craft materials selection of paper for collage

DIY cardboard box dolls house craft

Once you have decorated all your rooms, glue the boxes together to make your dolls house secure. We used hot glue for this as it is strong and quick to dry.

Make your own cardboard box dolls house

Now you can make some furnishings for your house. We used recycled materials like bottle tops, cords and cardboard to make some furniture. We also made some bunting and aerials to add to our house.

Furnishings for a dolls house made from recycled materials

Now let your friends more into their new house!

make your own cardboard box dolls house from recycled materials



If you love making things with cardboard boxes, you might like UNBOXED; our new kids craft book all about the creative adventures you can have with cardboard boxes!


Unboxed: Adventures in cardboard, a kids craft book about cardboard box crafts



If you are looking for more crafty fun made using up-cycled materials check out our UP-CYCLED KIDS CRAFTS E-BOOK!

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