The Science Spell Book

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By Cara Florence

Magical Experiments For Kids

Embrace your inner alchemist and discover the science behind magical experiments! Kids will be spellbound as they explore the magic of physics, biology, and chemistry with common household items

Embrace your inner alchemist and explore the magic of science through amazing experiments you can do at home!

Have you ever wished you could cast a real spell with the wave of a magic wand? Have you ever wanted to mix a real color-changing potion? Now kids can perform magical feats with a few simple ingredients and a little help from science.

Kids will learn about physics, biology, chemistry, and more through 25 dazzling experiments and activities including:

Elixir of Enlightenment-brew a stunning color-changing tea!
Chaotic Calling-learn about chaos theory while creating art with a pendulum!
Fluorescent Feast-create a meal that glows under a black light!
North Divination-make a homemade compass!
and more!

Written by biochemist Cara Florance, Science Spells is the perfect way to engage kids while teaching them about science. Each experiment includes simple instructions, diagrams to follow along with, and an explanation of the science behind each magical experiment.


  • Exciting, magical science experiments to try.
  • Simple instructions and pictures.


  • Science explanations for each of the 25 experiments.
  • Suitable for ages 7+


    This hardback books includes 224 pages and measures 15cm x 20cm.

    ISBN: 9781728232522

    Publisher: Sourcebooks Explore

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