kids yarn wrapped pine cone Christmas decorations

We love craft projects that also get you outdoors into the wild. One of my favourite activities with my children is going on walks, each with a little bag to collect a few treasures like pine cones, seed pods, pebbles or feathers to use in our craft projects.

These yarn wrapped pine cones are a great activity to develop fine motor skills and coordination in little ones as they wrap the fine wool or cord around the bumpy pine cones. They also make lovely natural Christmas tree decorations and if you stick to just using natural cotton or wool yarn (not synthetics) they can go straight in the compost after Christmas!


  • Pine cones
  • A selection of coloured yarn and cord
  • Scissors


This project is so simple and easy to make it barely requires any explanation, just gather some pine cones, tie on some pretty coloured yarn and begin wrapping. Attach new threads to change colour. To hang your pine cones, knot a piece of string around and make a loop at the top.

kids yarn wrapped pine cone Christmas decoration craft

coloured wool wrapped around pine cones to make christmas decorations

pretty yarn wrapped christmas pine cone decorations

Christmas decorations made from pine cones

children's Christmas craft pine cone decorations

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