Woven paper art

Woven paper art

I love simple projects like this that only require paper, colouring materials (whatever you have to hand), scissors and sticky tape. These are materials most of us probably already have available at home. You could even use an old painting or magazine pages to cut up and recycle into a new, beautiful artwork.


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Begin by creating beautiful colours and patterns all over your sheet of paper. We used our natural water colour paints and bees wax oil pastels to create our artwork.

Child painting with water colour paints

Colourful watercolour and oil pastel kids painting on paper

Once the painting has dried, cut your artwork up into strips. We cut our strips across the width of our A3 sheet of paper approximately 1.5cm wide. Lay 10 strips next to each other and tape them together on the back of the paper. Then begin weaving.

Woven paper artwork

Once you have finished weaving, secure your artwork together with more sticky tape at the back.

woven paper kids artwork


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