Up-cycled griaffe marionette

up-cycled bottle top giraffe marionette

A while ago we made a up-cycled SNAKE MARIONETTE using milk bottle tops and cardboard which the kids totally loved and have played with for ages. So I begin to think about other marionettes we could make using recycled materials.

My little one loves giraffes so we thought we would give it a go. I have to admit the giraffe was a little more tricky to make than the snake!


  • A selection of plastic milk bottle tops and larger size lids
  • Thick corrugated cardboard
  • Wooden beads - 15mm and 8mm
  • Cord
  • Google eyes
  • Hole punch
  • Metal skewer


Begin by gathering a selection of plastic bottle tops form your household recycling. We used smaller bottle tops and milk bottle tops for the giraffe neck and legs and some larger lids for the body. Cut cardboard discs the same size of milk bottle tops for the giraffe neck and larger discs for the giraffe body. If you don't have lots of bottle tops, just add in extra cardboard discs.

Make a hole in the middle of the cardboard discs using a hole punch and holes in the plastic lids using a hot metal skewer.

Begin by making the giraffe body. Made 2 holes in one of the plastic lids to make the front of the body. Thread through a cord and thread on the rest of the lids and cardboard discs using large wooden beads in between the plastic lids to create a space and allow movement of the giraffe body. Add smaller beads to make the tail and secure with a knot at the end.

plastic lids and cardboard discs to make a giraffe puppet

Tie cords into the base body cord to make the giraffe legs and neck.

how to make a up-cycled giraffe marionette

Thread beads and bottle tops onto the cords to make the giraffe legs, securing the ends with a knot.

giraffe marionette made from cardboard

Add bottle tops, wooden beads and cardboard discs to make the giraffe neck and head. Cut the giraffe ears and horns from cardboard and glue onto the head along with googly eyes. Finally tie on a long string to make your marionette, attaching it at the top of the neck and back of the body.

plastic bottle tops marionette giraffe


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