up-cycled christmas decorations by Mini Mad Things

At Christmas we aim to buy less and make more, and this includes our Christmas decorations. These contemporary looking Christmas decorations are super easy to make just using cardboard, bottle tops, wooden beads and some cord.


  • Cardboard
  • Bottle tops
  • Wooden beads
  • Coloured cord and thread
  • Scissors
  • Paints (optional)


Draw circle shapes on your cardboard in 3 graduating sizes and cut them out. Our circles were 4cm, 5.5cm and 7cm in diameter. If you wanted to add more colour you would paint your discs different colours.

Discs cut for cardboard to make Christmas decorations

Gather your cardboard discs and bottle tops and make holes in the middle. I used a hot skewer to melt the holes in the centre of the plastic bottle tops.

Up-cycled materials to make Christmas baubles

To make your tassels, wrap some fine cord around a piece of cardboard, remove the cord carefully from the cardboard.

craft components to make recycled Christmas baubles

Tie some string in the center of the bundle of fine cord, this string will become the string to thread your baubles. Fold the tassel cords in half and tie with a cord about 1cm from the top to make your tassel. Then trim the ends of the cord.

How to made a tassel

Now begin to thread your components in a graduating sizes to make your Christmas baubles. At the top tie a knot to stop the beads from coming off and tie another knot at the end of the string to make a loop so you can hang your decorations.

How to make up-cycled Christmas decorations

up-cycled christmas decorations made using cardboard and bottle tops

up-cycled christmas bauble decorations

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