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kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets

The original idea for these puppets came from the fantastic ART BAR BLOG. You can use the same technique to make dogs, horses, zebras or maybe unicorns!

MATERIALS: Toilet rolls, string, beads, paint, scissors and googlie eyes.

TUTORIAL: Cut out your ear shapes (if you are making dogs like ours). Paint 2 toilet rolls and your ears. We made a small dog using 2 toilet rolls and a sausage dog using one toilet roll and one kitchen roll tube.

kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets

kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets

When your paint is dry, poke 4 holes in the bottom side of your body toilet roll. Then add cord and beads to make your legs knotting the ends of your cord so the beads don't fall off.

Then make 2 holes on the top side of your body tube, one at each end.

Glue your ears onto your head tube, then poke 2 holes through your head.

kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets

Take a long piece of cord and knot one end. Starting at the head end of your body tube, poke the cord through your hole so the knot is inside the tube. Add some beads to make the neck of your dog. Then poke the cord through the holes in your head tube.

With the end of your cord, poke it through the last hole in the tail end of your body roll and secure with a knot.

kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets

kids crafts, toilet roll marionette puppets


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