easy kids crafts toilet roll animals and monsters

These quick and easy to make toilet roll animals are super fun; no fancy materials required, just some cardboard tubes, paints and marker pens. We made cats, owls and a few crazy monsters.

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  • Cardboard toilet roll tubes
  • Paints and coloured markers
  • Wooden craft sticks and pom poms (optional)


Fold over the tops of your toilet rolls to make the ear shapes.

cardboard toilet roll tubes with the ends folded over

Now create all your animals and monsters using paints and marker pens; drawing on the faces and painting the bodies.

colourful paints and cardboard tube animals craft

We then added extra decorations to our animals and monsters by adding pom poms, wooden craft sticks sticks and cardboard shapes.

cardboard toilet roll tube monsters kids craft

toilet roll owls craft for kids


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