Cardboard box tiger fancy dress costume

If you are looking for a book week fancy dress costume, this is a great one, there are so many beautiful books about tigers!

Some of our favourites are:

'There's a Tiger in the garden.' By Lizzy Stewart

'The trip to Panama.' and 'A letter for Tiger.' By Janosch

'The tiger who came to tea.' By Judith Kerr


  • A cardboard box large enough to go over your little ones body
  • Extra thick cardboard
  • Paints and crayons
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cord or ribbon to make the straps


Begin by turning the body sized cardboard box inside out and gluing it back together so you have a blank canvas to work with. Next cut a body sized hole in the top and bottom of your box.

Cardboard box with a hole cut in it

Cut out your head and tail shapes from thick corrugated cardboard leaving tabs on the end to attach them to the body box. I cut two of each so they can be stuck together to make them stronger.

tiger head and tail cut from cardboard

Paint your tiger with stripes and draw on the face features.

painted cardboard tiger head and tail

Glue the 2 heads and tails together back to back and attach them to the body box using the tabs. I find a hot glue gun easiest for this as it is secure immediately.

cardboard box tiger dress up costume

Add cord straps to your tiger body. After I had attached the straps like this, I found that crossing the straps over at the back helped made the costume stay on better.

cardboard box tiger costume for kids

Now let me hear you ROAR!

DIY cardboard box kids tiger dress up costume


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