Recycled snake puppet kids crafts

We love making our own toys using recycled materials. Our wiggly snake friend has been so much loved and played with I had to make another one so the kids could have a snake each.


  • Bottle tops
  • Thick corrugated cardboard
  • 15mm wooden beads
  • Small plastic beads
  • String
  • Googly eyes
  • Paints (optional)


Begin by drawing around a bottle top on the cardboard. We cut approximately 25 cardboard discs the same size as the milk bottle tops to make the snake body and 5 smaller cardboard discs for the tail. If you want to make your snake longer, just cut more discs!

Making sure all your bottle tops are clean first, make a hole in the middle of each bottle top large enough to allow your cord to be easily threaded through. To make our holes we heated up a metal skewer and melted a hole. Alternatively you could use a sharp point, drill or scissors to carefully make a hole. (Adults please help with this!) Make holes in the middle if each of your cardboard discs.

cardboard discs and bottle tops

To begin making your snake, cut a piece of thin cord, approximately 150cm long. Thread the embroidery needle and move it into the middle of the cord. Taking the ends of the cord, thread 4 small plastic beads onto each side and tie knots in the ends to prevent the beads from coming off. Now thread 8 small beads into your needle making a Y shape tongue for the snake.

beads, cardboard discs and bottle tops to make a snake marionette

Begin threading cardboard discs, bottle tops and wooden beads to make the body of your snake. Add a wooden bead on the inside of each bottle tops, this creates a space between the bottle top and the next cardboard disc, allowing your snake to undulate.

bottle tops and cardboard discs threaded into a string to make a snake puppet

Continue threading until the end, using smaller bottle tops and cardboard discs to graduate the tail of the snake to a smaller diameter.

up-cycled bottle top snake marionette

Add some small beads at the end, tie a knot to secure and trim the excess cord. Either draw or glue on googly eyes to make eyes for your snake. Cut a length of cord approx. 100cm long and tie each end onto the snakes head and body making your marionette. Now let your snake wiggle!

up-cycled bottle top snake puppet


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