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Simple children's weaving craft project

Weaving provides children with an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and concentration. With this very simple project you can use lots of different texture materials including yarn, ribbon, fabric strips, cord or paper to weave.


  • Thick cardboard for the base
  • String - ideally something like cotton that doesn't have too much stretch
  • Material to weave including yarn, cord, ribbon, strips of fabric, pipe cleaners or even strips of paper.
  • Scissors and a craft knife


Cut a thick, sturdy piece of cardboard for your weaving loom base. Ours measured 15x20cm. Cut evenly spaced slots along the top and bottom and then thread string across your loom base, securing the ends of the string at the back with tape.

cardboard weaving loom and materials to weave

Gather a selection of materials to weave and begin threading them over and under your strings. keep weaving until your reach the bottom of your loom.

kids craft simple weaving project

You could also try weaving with natural materials like grasses, flowers and leaves to make a beautiful nature weaving project!

nature weaving kids craft project

CRAFT KITS to make at home

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Pictured below is the EMBROIDERY & WEAVING craft box.


eco-friendly kids craft kits


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