shadow drawing srt project for kids

This is a project from for beautiful book DRAWING WORKSHOP for KIDS by Samara Caughey.  Samara is an art educator and founder of the highly praised family-centered art studio Purple Twig in LA.

I love the simplicity of this project; setting up some twigs or flowers in a sunny spot and tracing the shadows. I think this is a fantastically freeing project, the light and shadow distorts the shape of the flowers, so there is no need worry about your drawing looking 'correct', you just end up with a beautiful representation of your twigs or flowers.



Set up a selection of twigs or flowers in a sunny spot where their shadow can be cast onto some paper. We taped our flowers to the window and set up out paper for drawing on the floor. Alternatively, place your flowers in a vase on a table in a sunny spot where they cast a shadow. Depending on the time of day or the sunny spaces you have available, you will have to get creative and make a set up that works for you.

flowers casting a shadow on paper

Follow the outlines of the shadows using a pencil or another drawing implement. Once you have finished tracing the shadows, you can move the paper and add more layers of drawings with the shadows in different positions.

We decided to paint a few of our shadow drawings, cut them out and glue them onto our drawing to make a layered effect. To paint we used our beautiful natural pigment water colour set from Okonorm.

natural pigmnet water colour paint set with shadow drawings kids artdrawing workshop for kids art activity book with shadow drawings


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