woven rainbow wall hanging craft

Who doesn't love rainbow? I know we do! This super colourful woven rainbow looks fab hanging on any bedroom wall.


  • Thick cardboard
  • String
  • A selection of rainbow coloured chunky yarn or cords
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape


Cut a semi-circle shape from thick cardboard, our semi circle measures 20 x 12 cm. We used a plate as a template and then cut it out using a craft knife.

Around the curved edge of your semi-circle, mark 15 equally spaced points and cut a slit into the cardboard 5mm long. On the flat edge of the semi circle, cut one larger slit 1cm long in the middle.

Securing the string at the back with sticky tape, wrap the string around the semi-circle to make the base for your weaving. Secure the end of the string on the back of the cardboard with sticky tape.

cardboard semi circle weaving board

Starting in the middle, begin weaving your rainbow colour threads over and under the strings creating an arch shape. Leave long lengths of thread at the ends of the weaving to make the rainbow tassels.

how to make a semi circle rainbow wall hanging craft

Continue adding each colour building up your beautiful woven rainbow. If you don’t have chunky yarn or cord, just double up 2 strands of thinner yarn and weave them through together.

Once you have filled the semi-circle with weaving, trim off all the ends of the yarn tassels to make them the same length.

colourful woven rainbow wall hanging kids craft activity


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