cardboard bird craft project with rainbow wings

The simplicity of this project is what makes it just so wonderful. Since making these pretty birds, my little ones have had so much fun flying them around our house. They would also make lovely mobiles; hang one or even a flock of birds flying across your room!

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  • Thick cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Crayons, oil pastels or coloured markers to decorate
  • Patterned paper to collage (optional)
  • Glue (optional)

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Begin by cutting out your bird body and wing shape from thick corrugated cardboard. Then cut a slot in the top of the wings half way across the width of the wings. Make the slot the same width as the thickness of your cardboard. Next cut the same sized slot into the tail of your bird body.

cardboard bird template

Now begin to decorate your bird using crayons, oil pastels, coloured markers or paper collage. If you are adding collage, don't glue anything across the slots in your bird. Remember to decorate both sides of your bird body and wings.

To assemble your bird, slide the body and wing slots into each other.

kids cardboard bird craft project and crayons on a table

cardboard bird craft with collage paper decorations


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