Play dough and small parts mandala patterns kids activity

I love making mandalas and repeating patterns but I have to admit my kids weren't as into this as I was. (It happens sometimes!) They just wanted to squish things into the play dough (which is totally fine), I think maybe they were a little young to really understand the repeating patterns.


  • Your favourite homemade play dough
  • Small loose parts like dried beads, match sticks and wooden beads

* Please note this activity includes lots of loose parts that could be a choking hazard for small children so adult supervision is requires.


This activity is another variation on play dough and small parts. This time we used wooden beads, match sticks and dried beans to create mandala patterns. I began by making part of the pattern and then asked my little ones to follow the patterns. We also used the play dough and beans to practice making letter shapes.

We began by squashing our play dough into kids plastic plates to make the circle shape.

play dough mandala patterns

letter shapes made with beans in playdough


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