how to make pipe cleaner and bead dolls

We love making things that can then be played with. These cute pipe cleaner and bead dolls are easy to make and hours of fun to play with! We named our dolls Bert and Bessie.


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden beads (large ones for the head and smaller ones for the body)
  • Paper straws
  • Yarn
  • Black marker pen


Wrap some yarn around a piece of card to make a thick bundle then remove the bundle of yarn from the card. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and trap the yarn in the middle twisting the pipe cleaner together to secure the yarn. Thread the ends of the pipe cleaner through the large bead, pull the bead to the top trapping the yarn. Trim the looped ends of the yarn to make the hair.

pipe cleaner and bead dolls kids craft

Add a small bead to make your dolls neck and bend the pipe cleaner ends out to make the arms. Fold a second pipe cleaner in half and put it over one of the arms to make the body and legs.

chenille stick and beads dolls

Now add beads to make the body.

how to make pipe cleaner and bead dolls

Add beads and straws to make the arms and legs. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaners over to secure the last beads.

pipe cleaner and bead dolls childrens craft

Bendy pipe cleaner dolls kids craft


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