Pasta Sculptures

Pasta sculptures kids crafts by Mini Mad Things

I love how crazy these pasta sculptures look, I feel they would look right at home in a Dr Seuss book! This is a great project to encourage fine motor skills with the painting of small pasta and then threading or twisting the pasta onto the pipe cleaners. Once you have made the wooden base, you can use it over and over again to thread different items like wooden beads or paper straws.

I understand that with increasing food insecurity for many families, using food to craft with is a privilege. If we do use food in our crafts (which isn't often), I use out of date items. Sometimes using a cheap food item like pasta for threading can actually be a cheaper option for creative projects than purchasing wooden beads for example.


  • Pasta shapes or you could use wooden beads
  • Paints
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden block
  • Drill


For us this was a 2 day project. First we painted our pasta shapes using poster paint and then let them dry overnight. If you wanted to skip this step you could just dye your pasta with food colouring.

Child painting pasta shapes with paint

Painted pasta shapes

To make your sculpture base, drill some small holes in a wooden block and glue pipe cleaners into the holes. If you don't have a wooden block you could use play dough, clay or a piece of polystyrene to make the base. Once you have made the base you can use it over and over again to thread different items.

Wooden blocks with holes drilled in them

wooden blocks with pipe cleaners attached for threading

Begin threading and twisting your pasta onto the pipe cleaners to make your sculpture.

Child threading pasta shapes onto pipe cleaners

painted pasta sculpture threaded onto pipe cleaners