Paper plate ranibow angel wings for kids

I love making beautiful fun things from simple household materials.... like paper plates! I saw these beautiful angel wings on PINTEREST (I'm not sure who's original idea they were) and thought they were totally awesome so we gave them a go.


  • 14 large paper plates
  • Elastic
  • Hot glue
  • Paint to decorate (optional)


Cut 12 crescent shapes from your paper plates and glue them together to form wing shapes.

paper plate wings

Stick wings onto a paper plate to form the back.

paper plate angel wings dress up costume

Make 4 holes in another paper plate, poke elastic straps through and secure on the inside with glue.

paper plates with elastic straps

Glue this plate onto your wings and you are finished. Now time to decorate your wings.

white paper plate angel wings

child wearing rainbow coloured paper plate angel wings


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