Open-ended building with tools

scrap wood with bottle tops kids construction

For my son's 7th birthday we gave him his own set of proper tools. The tool kit included a hand saw, a small hammer, a hand drill, pliers, ruler, tape measure, nails and screws. He was super excited to have real tools of his own and I feel trusting children to use and care for tools teaches responsibility and builds self confidence.

So with a little adult supervision, we ventured into the workshop where we have lots of scrap wood and 'junk' for building. His first creation was to make a camera surveillance system for our house complete with a control panel. These kind of open-ended child led activities fill me with so much joy and the boy was so proud of his work.


  • Hand tools of a suitable size for a child to use independently including a saw, hammer and drill
  • Scrap wood and other 'junk' materials like bottle tops
  • Screws and nails
  • Paints (optional)


Set you child up with a safe place to work, lots of interesting materials and tools. You know your child's abilities best so provide as much support as you feel is necessary. My 7 yr old is now pretty confident using a saw, hammer and drill on his own but we always stay in the workshop with him just in case he needs some assistance. I love the imagination ope-ended activities like this inspire and his camera security system is now installed around our house!

Kids junk modelling craft projectchild holding his junk creation craft


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