Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media kids process art painting

We have been working on this artwork for about 3 months now, I'm not sure if it will ever be finished, it is a continually evolving artwork. I love the vibrancy, layers of colours and textures the kids have created. This was a collaborative artwork between to 3 and 7yr old, they have both added elements to the painting over time.

I love this kind of open-ended process art. It is purely an exploration of colours and materials without any set agenda of how the artwork will turn out. This is a fantastic project to make as a family collaborative project or with friends.


  • A large MDF board or canvas for the base, ours is 60x60cm
  • Kids poster paints
  • Brushes
  • Collage materials like coloured paper, wooden craft sticks or washi tape
  • Multi purpose craft glue
  • Permanent markers or paint markers
  • Oil pastels - we sell some beautiful natural bees wax pastels in our shop!

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We began our artwork with layers of paints. My children came back to the painting several times over about a month adding more and more layers of paint creating beautiful colours and patterns. If you are worried about your child just mixing all the paints together an making brown (my little one loves to do this), only offer paints from one colour group at a time, that way you will only get pretty colours when the paints blend.

Colour groups are as follows:

  • Red, orange and yellow - you can also add in pink and white.
  • Yellow, green and blue - you can also add in turquoise and white.
  • Blue, purple and red - you can also add in pink and white.

Child painting on an mdf boardChild's process art painting project

After several layers of paint we began adding collage materials including patterned paper shapes, wooden craft sticks and washi tape.

mixed media kids process art projectmixed media colourful collabroative kids art

The final layers of pattern were added using oil pastels and marker pens.

mixed medis kids artwork


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