Up-cycled junk mobile by mini mad Things

I have a huge collection of 'junk' that we use for craft and I love to up-cycled items that would otherwise end up in the bin. I am forever hoarding packaging or hunting second hand shops for interesting items we can use in our craft projects. If you are a collector, organisation is paramount. I usually flat pack larger cardboard boxes and store them in the basement, egg cartons are stacked and cardboard tubes stored in a box. I save glass jars for the storage of smaller items like bottle tops, rubber bands and bread bag fasteners etc. If you don't organise them there is a chance they might take over!


  • Coat hanger or a stick to make the top of your mobile
  • String or yarn
  • Paper straws
  • Wooden beads
  • Natural found objects like pine cones or seed pods
  • Any junk items you have like bottle tops, lids, sushi soy sauce fish, curtain rings, old toy parts, buttons and pretty much anythings else you have to hand!


Begin by making holes in any plastic items with a hot skewer so that you can thread them. Cut 5 lengths of string to approximately 60-70cm long (this leaves you with plenty of string to wrap around the coat hanger at the top.) Tie a bead to the end of each string and begin threading your junk items.

craft materials to make a junk mobile

how to make an up-cycled junk mobile

Junk craft items to make a mobile

Once the strings are ready tie them onto the coat hanger at the top. Wrap any excess string around the coat hanger to decorate it. We also added in a few extra coloured yarns wrapped around the coat hanger to make it look pretty! Now your mobile is finished.

DIY recycled mobile fun kids craft activity

Up-cycled junk mobile kids craft hanging on a hook


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up-cycled recycled kids craft ideas e-book by mini mad things


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