Junk cars kids STEAM art project

This project was inspired by the awesome book MAKER CAMP by Delaine Holton-Fessler. Maker Camp in a fantastic kids craft book which focuses on introducing children to heritage crafts and encourages the learning pf practical making skills. From weaving and knot tying to building toy cars and junk robots, this book links techniques of the past with the present while offering the fun of making things with your own hands.

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  • Scrap wooden blocks
  • Wheels and axles - We used plastic lids, beads, washers and screws
  • Other junk materials to decorate
  • Wood glue and hot glue
  • Stickers and paint pens to decorate (optional)


Begin by constructing the body of your car using wooden blocks. To make the wheels, in the book Delaine uses nice wooden wheels that you could purchase from the craft supply store. We didn't have these available so we got creative and used plastic lids, beads and screws to create our wheels. To make our wheels we made a hole in the center of each of the 4 lids. Next we placed a wooden bead onto a screw, then the lid and 2 washers. The washers make a gap between the lid wheel and the wooden body of the car so the wheels can move freely. I then helped to attach the wheels buy screwing into the wooden base. Make sure the screw isn't not too tight and doesn't stop the movement of the wheel. Assemble your wheels and axle in the appropriate way depending on what materials you have available. Finally we added decorations to our car using various junk materials, stickers and paint pens.

toy cars make from up-cycled junk materialsup-cycled junk toy car project inspired by the book Maker campToy car craft project from the book Maker camp


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