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Kids collage house art project

Creating collages, be it a house, a rainbow or pretty much anything else is always a fun activity. My little one loves squeezing the glue and sticking lots of pretty colours. The inspiration for this COLLAGE HOUSE came from the amazing ART BAR BLOG, I urge you to go and check out Barbara's website for the most amazing kids craft activity ideas. In Barbara's house collages she uses lots of fabric and buttons to create a patchwork look but you could use pretty much any materials you have to hand. We used a selection of coloured paper, old paintings, felt scraps, wooden craft sticks and items from the recycling bin like bottle tops and bread bag fasteners.



With projects like these I like to set up an 'Invitation to create'. If you're not familiar with the phrase, It’s when you set out interesting art and craft materials which are so enticing, they 'invite' children to come over and create. It's all in the prep, cut out the cardboard house shapes and prepare the collage materials then let your little ones get creative.

cardboard house template and collage materials

A child creating a house collage artwork

Children's open-ended collage house art project

My little one wanted to make her collage into a magical fairy house so she added some flowers and leaves from the garden.

Process art collage house

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