Childrens art homemade wrapping paper

Lets talk about PROCESS ART, a term I'm sure you have all heard before. So what exactly is process art? By it's simplest definition it is an approach to art and craft that focuses on the making and the doing rather than the final product. It is a fantastic way to encourage creativity, enhance imagination and helps both children and adults to think outside the box.

Sometimes as adults we get caught up in trying to make things perfect, we have preconceived notions about what a piece of art 'should' look like and what makes it 'good'. With process art the goal is the process not the product. It doesn't mean that your child won't come out with beautiful creations that they feel proud of, it just means that the end product is not really the point. There is no right or wrong way to do something, it is just about exploration and having fun.

If you would like to find out more about PROCESS ART and get some fun activity ideas to do at home with your kids check out the amazing MERI CHERRY BLOG, she is a powerhouse of creativity and process art fun.

Making homemade wrapping paper is easy process art fun, it's a favourite on our house and it adds that special handmade touch to any birthday or Christmas gift.


  • Long rolls or large sheets of paper
  • Paint
  • Utensils to splatter the paint like squeezy bottles, spray bottles or brushes


Just lay out large sheets or a long roll of paper on the floor and then get messy with the paint! You can splat paint with a brush, use diluted paint in spray bottles or even use your hands and feet, the messier the better. Once your paintings have dried keep the paper ready to wrap birthday or Christmas presents.

Homemade paint splattered process art wrapping paper

Process art painting with kids

Splattered paint on paper

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