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giant life size robot made from recycled materials

It's always fun to supersize your crafts and make things big! So meet Mr Robot our new life size robot friend made from old cardboard boxes and items from our household recycling.

Since making Mr Robot my children love moving him around the house and playing with him, I caught my little one giving him a kiss and a cuddle the other day!

We try to always consider the environment and sustainability practices when crafting at home. With projects like this I remove any plastic tape from the boxes and only use kraft paper tape, this way once we have finished with our robot, if we can't reuse the boxes again for another project, they can be broken down and go into the recycling. We will remove all the plastic bottle tops and reuse them for another project.


  • A selection of cardboard boxes to make the body, head and legs.
  • Egg cartons, paper cups, cardboard tubes and bottle tops from your household recycling.
  • Hot glue
  • Tape
  • Paints and coloured markers


Begin by taping your boxes closed. A few of the boxes we used had printing on the outside so I took the boxes apart and glued them back together inside out so we had a clean cardboard surface to work with. Glue or tape your boxes together to make the robot legs body and head. Add egg cartons for the arms.

a robot made from large cardboard boxes

On a separate piece of cardboard create the details for your robot including eyes, mouth, buttons and dials. We added plastic bottle tops as buttons. Glue these onto your robot body. Add cardboard tubes or paper cups as ears and an antenna.

cardboard and bottle top buttons and dials for a robot Now play with Mr Robot!

Life size robot made from cardboard boxes kids craft activity

Large robot made from up-cycled cardboard boxes

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