Fun Jellyfish

Painted jelly fish with paited yarn tentacles kids craft

This project was inspired by one of our fab Instagram friends @askartelevaperhe

When I saw Aino's version of these cool jellyfish (or maybe it's an octopus), I though it was a fantastic project of teach my 6yr old how to plait. However, when we gave it a go, he actually found it much more difficult than I had anticipated. He understood the pattern of how to weave the threads over each other but found it very difficult to hold all the threads and keep the plait tight. It's funny, as an adult, plaiting 3 threads together is something most of us could do very easily but I hadn't considered that it actually requires a lot of coordination, dexterity and practice. I'm sure I had spent hours as a kid practicing how to plait but my boy just wasn't that interested to really stick at it until he had mastered it. Not every craft project can be a huge success but Mumma enjoyed sitting plaiting the rest of the tentacles (I find it quite relaxing) We will try again another day!


  • Scrap cardboard - an old cardboard box will work well
  • Paints
  • Coloured yarn
  • Hole punch or a sharp point
  • Other items to decorate including bottle tops or paper to collage (optional)


Begin by cutting a jelly fish body shape from cardboard and punch holes along the bottom edge. Now decorate the body using paints. If you don't have paints, just use what you have available; coloured markers or paper collage would work just as well. Give your jelly fish eyes and a mouth.

Child painting

Once the paint has dried, thread long strands of yarn through the holes and begin to plait to create your tentacles. We gave each of our happy jellyfish 8 tentacles.

Painted jellyfish craft with colourful yarn tenticles

Jelly fish kids craft project


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