Eric carle butterfly wings fancy dress costume

These wings make the perfect book week fancy dress costume for kids. They are inspired by the butterfly in The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.



Paint lots of scraps of cardboard with pretty colours and textures. This is fun messy process art and great for little ones. We used paint and then added wax crayon and oil pastel textures on top.

Toddler painting cardboard with a roller

process art painted cardboard

Cut your butterfly wing base from cardboard. I drew one side of the butterfly, cut it out, folded it over and traced around it to make the other side of the butterfly.

cardboard template for a butterfly wings

Paint your butterfly wings and then add add elastic arm straps securing the elastic in place with tape.

cardboard butterfly wings

Cut out pairs of shapes from your painted cardboard to decorate your wings.

cardboard shapes cut out for butterfly wings

Arrange your painted shapes and glue them into position and your wings are finished.

cardboard collage Eric carle butterfly wings fancy dress costume


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