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Embroidered decorations

Kids embroidery onto wooden discs

These lovely wooden discs make excellent bases for kids to embroider. The wood gives a firm surface with large holes and is easy for children to handle. These discs are available from our website as part of our EMBROIDERY & WEAVING craft box or sold individually HERE.

We used our embroidered discs to make pretty decorations to hang on our Christmas tree.


  • Wooden embroidery discs
  • A selection of different coloured yarns and think cord
  • Wooden beads
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)
  • Tapertry needle
  • Scissors


Set out an inviting selection of coloured yarn and wooden beads. We used tapestry needles which have a rounded tip so there was no chance of pricked fingers! Let your little ones begin their embroidery. I found that my little one (age 3) could manage the activity but did end up in a bit of a tangle! So this activity is probably best suited for 4+ age range.

embroidery yarn and wooden discs on a table

kids embroidery on wooden perforated discs

pretty embroidered wooden discs christmas decorations

CRAFT KITS to make at home

If you love this weaving project, you might like our EMBROIDERY & WEAVING craft box. You can find our full range of cool kids CRAFT BOXES here.

Our MINI MAD CRAFT boxes are brimming with crafty fun ready for you to get creative at home. The kits are designed to inspire open-ended creativity. With our range of beautiful, engaging materials, you can either follow our craft project ideas or create your own fun projects.

Pictured below is the EMBROIDERY & WEAVING craft box.


eco-friendly kids craft kits


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