Decorated Shell Art

shells decorated with Sharpie pens

This is a super simple kids art activity which requires minimal set up time or materials. We just used shells and Sharpie permanent markers to make these beautiful mini works of art. I love how the natural patterns of the shells blend with our colourful pen patterns.

If you are looking for more simple art activities that are quick to set up, the lovely book ART STARTS by Tinkerlab is a fantastic resource for finding simple creative invitations. All the activity ideas in the book use simple materials that you probably already have available at home.

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  • Shells (or you could use pebbles)
  • Permanent marker pens (or paint markers work sell too)
  • Cord (optional if you wan to make a necklace)


Set out a creative invitation of pretty shells and permanent marker pens

and let your little ones get creative. I put a piece of scrap paper to protect our table in case the pens went onto the table top.

shells and marker pens for kids art

Lots of our shells had holes in them, so we decided to make them into a beautiful necklace to wear.

decorated shell necklace kids art project


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