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I use the phrase 'cup cakes' to describe this project very loosely, we started with a fruit tray and the prompt to make cupcakes but it quickly evolved into so much more! The base for this open-ended making project is a cardboard fruit tray, the kind you would find at your local supermarket or green grocers. I set out a selection of materials like paper discs, pop poms, paper shapes, wooden beads and pipe cleaners, gave the prompt to make cupcakes and the kids began creating together.

My youngest was content making pretty cupcake creations but when my eldest got involved it quickly evolved into an innovative new machine to cook cupcakes with a wiring system and solar panels. And so the CUPCAKE 9000 was invented!


  • Cardboard fruit tray
  • Colourful paper discs or cupcake cases
  • A selection of other materials to make with including pom poms, yarn scraps, paper shapes, beads, pipe cleaners - whatever you have available.
  • Glue - we used a mixture of hot glue and multi purpose craft glue.


Set our a 'creative invitation' of fun materials along with glue and a cardboard fruit tray and let your little ones begin creating. I found that this was a fantastic project to spark their imagination and so many interesting conversations were had while making.

Open-ended making imaginary cup cakeschildren making a cup cake factory craftopen-ended craft project for children


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