Crumpled Paper Art

Crumpled paper process art

I love the simplicity of this project. Making crumpled paper art is a great, easy project to set up for your little ones to keep them occupied while you get some jobs done. For me, I'm always looking for a quick and simple creative invitation to set up during that 4-5pm time while I'm trying to get dinner organized.

I lovely book ART STARTS by Tinkerlab is a fantastic resource for finding simple creative invitations. All the activity ideas in the book use simple materials that you probably already have available at home.

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  • Water colour paints - we sell some beautiful natural pigment water colour paints in our online shop
  • Paper - we just used printer paper but a thicker cartridge paper would work well too
  • Brushes


Crumple up your sheet of paper into a ball. Liberally apply water colour paints around the crumpled ball. Unwrap the ball of paper and repeat the process with another colour paint. Continue the process until you have paint patterns all over your paper. Stop before the paper gets too soggy and falls apart!

crumpled paper and natural watercolour paintscrumpled paper art and water colour paintscrumpled paper kids process art

With this project we used our beautiful natural pigment water colour paints.

The Nawaro natural watercolour paints, presented in a durable metal case, are produced from natural raw materials, plant extracts and food colorants.

The pale pastel shade natural colours on the paint pallet will transform into beautiful, vibrant colours when mixed with water. Combine the paints to make a rainbow of beautiful colours with which to explore your imagination and creativity.

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Nawaro natural watercolour paints and crumpled paper art


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