Circle weaving

Kids craft activities - circle weaving

This is a fun and easy weaving project for children. (And adults, I enjoyed making this one too!) For younger children use chunky wool or cord so the weaving grows quickly otherwise they may loose interest! You can also add in beads on the threads to decorate.


  • Cardboard circle
  • String
  • A selection of yarn, cord or strips of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Beads (optional)


    Cut cardboard circles, mine were 30cm diameter. Then cut an odd number of slots around the edge.

      cardboard templated for circle weaving

        Secure wool at the back with tape and start wrapping it around the circle to make spokes.

          Circle weaving tutorial for children

            On the last spoke, bring the wool to the center and knot around all the threads to secure then together.

              How to do circle weaving

                Start weaving under and over all the way around your circle.

                  DIY circle weaving craft project

                    To change colour cords just knot the ends together and continue weaving.

                      Children's circle weaving craft project

                        Keep weaving until you reach the edge of the cardboard circle. Knot to secure the end.

                          Fun circle weaving craft project

                            Show off your excellent work!

                              Child holding a circle weaving craft project

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