Contact Paper Portraits

Mixed media kids portraits witt contact paper

I love these beautiful CONTACT PAPER COLLAGES by the fab ART BAR BLOG. It's a simple, mess free (i.e no paints or glue involved) activity that kids love. Sticky plastic and kids is always a win, they totally love it every time! The open-ended nature of this project inspires kids imaginations allowing them to create beautiful, original artworks full of layered colours, textures and shapes.

I changed the project up a bit and created portraits using a black and white photo of my little ones as the focal point of the artwork.


  • Contact paper (sticky backed plastic)
  • Masking tape
  • A print out of a black and white photo of your child
  • Collage materials including coloured papers, fabric or yarn
  • Coloured permanent marker pens


Cut 2 pieces of contact paper the same size, ours measured 25x35cm approx. Peel the backing off one of the sheets and place it onto a table top sticky side up and secure in position with masking tape. Cut around the edges of your childs photo and place the image in the middle of the contact paper. Now allow your little one to get creative with the collage materials and decorate around the edge of their portraits.

childs portrait on sticky back plastickids collage portraits art project

Once the portrait is full of collage materials, apply the second shoot of contact paper over the collage materials. Begin by peeling off the top edge of the contact paper and sticking it along the top edge of the collage. Slowly peel off the backing paper pressing the contact paper into position removing any air bubbles as you go. Once the portrait is sealed with contact paper, you can add extra art embellishments using permanent markers onto the top of the contact paper.

stick back plastic kids portrait art projectkids collage portrait artwork


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