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Kids art collage box

This is a fantastic project for little ones as it is just about gluing and making patterns. The cardboard tray base also helps keep the mess contained! I love the freedom this project allows and you really don't need any fancy craft materials, just raid the recycling box and anything else you can find around the house.

MATERIALS: Shoe box lids (or make your own trays from cardboard), PVA glue and lots of interesting shapes to stick.

TUTORIAL: Give your little ones the glue, box tray and let them make a pretty mess! I put all the parts on a tray and then just let them get creative.

Small parts for collage

Art box collage trays

Art box collage trays

Art box collage trays

CRAFT KITS to make at home

If you love this collage project by MINI MAD THINGS but don't have the materials to make it, check out our cool kids CRAFT KITS. We have boxes of crafty fun ready to deliver to your door!

Our MINI MAD CRAFT kits are brimming with crafty fun ready for you to get creative at home. The kits are designed to inspire open-ended creativity. With our range of beautiful, engaging materials, you can either follow our craft tutorials or create your own fun projects.

Pictured below is the MEGA COLLAGE CREATIVE craft kit.


Collage creative craft kit made in Australia

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