Cardboard chicken head fancy dress costume

We recently got some chickens (real ones to lay eggs) so we decided to make some chicken head fancy dress costumes to make them feel at home! These cardboard chicken heads are actually pretty easy to make and would make great Halloween or book week fancy dress costumes!


  • A large sheet of cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Kraft tape
  • Hot glue
  • Paint


Begin by drawing around an extra large plate to make a circle (ours was 40cm in diameter) then draw a triangular shape beak on one side. Cut out 2 of these shapes to make the sides of your chicken head.

cardboard shapes to make chicken head dress up costumes

Now cut a long strip of cardboard 12 cm wide and approximately 60cm long. Cut a triangle shaped point at one end with the same length sides as your beak. Stick Kraft tape along one side of the strip of cardboard. Begin by attaching the tape to the beak, then cut snips along the tape allowing you to stick the cardboard in position around the curved edge of the chicken head. Once you have taped one side together continue with the same process to attach the other side.

Making a chicken head our of cardboard

Cut a triangular shape piece of cardboard and fold in half to make the bottom part of the beak. Glue this in position using hot glue.

making a cardboard chicken head costume

Now add a crest and eyes to your chicken head.

a cardboard chicken head costume

Chicken head fancy dress costumes made from cardboard

Once you have finished building your chicken heads, decorate them with paint!


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