Large cardboard box TV for kids to play inside

This is one of the most fun projects we have done recently. It didn't take long to make and the kids played with it for days! I loved watching their crazy imaginations being acted out as they put on different shows for us. Totally better viewing than Netflix!


  • A very large cardboard box or 2 boxes to join together
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Marker pens or paints to decorate


Get your large cardboard box (I actually joined 2 boxes together to make a MEGA box, big enough for my 5 yr old to fit in), turn it inside out and glue down the top and bottom. This isn't 100% necessary but turning the box inside out gives you a nice clean cardboard exterior to decorate.

Cut your TV screen hole in the front of the box and a door in the side so the kids can get in and out. Decorate your TV adding buttons and antennae. We added some kids paintings as a backdrop for our TV.

Now play!

child acting inside a cardboard box TV

child playing inside a cardboard box TV set

The kids loved playing with this TV so much, it kept them and their friends entertained for days, that we decided to make a new version and include it in my first kids craft book UNBOXED: Adventures in cardboard.

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Child playing in a large cardboard box TV

Unboxed: Adventures in cardboard fun kids craft book