Bug collection boxes kids craft activity

This is a project from for beautiful book DRAWING WORKSHOP for KIDS by Samara Caughey.  Samara is an art educator and founder of the highly praised family-centered art studio Purple Twig in LA. All kids need to begin engaging in the pleasure of the simple yet inspiring drawing projects in the book are a pencil and paper. Along the way, new materials are introduced, giving kids the opportunity to experiment with new techniques. Each of the three main chapters—drawing from life, drawing from images, and inventive drawing—focuses on techniques to explore, such as observation, mark making, shadow, line, composition, detail, contour, and perspective.

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Looking through the book with my kids, most of the projects are suitable for ages 7 years and up, however my little one was captivated by these beautiful BUG COLLECTION BOXES, so we decided to give it a go together.


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Begin by drawing your bugs on water colour paper then decorate them with beautiful colours. We looked at some of our favourite nature books for inspiration. With my little one, I drew the outline of her bugs, then she coloured them in using wax crayons and liquid water colours. My 7yr old drew and painted his bugs independently.

child painting bug drawingschild's bug paintings on paper

Whilst your bug paintings are drying, begin to decorate your cardboard shoe box lid or tray using decorative patterned papers and glue.

Child decorating a shoe box lid with patterned paper collage

Once your bugs are dried, carefully cut them out (I helped my little one with this). Next, cut some small rectangles of cardboard to fit under your bugs, so that they are elevated from the back of the box once glued into place. Arrange your bugs and glue them (we used hot glue) into position inside your beautifully decorated tray.

I love how my children's personalities are reflected in these beautiful BUG COLLECTION BOXES. My little one's art is a feast of colour and flowers. Just like her personality, it is vibrant, joyful and bold. My eldest like things to be precise and ordered. He drew all his dragon flies the same species, painted them all blue and green, then used the same colours in in background. I love them both!

beautiful painted bugs and the book drawing workshop for kidsdragon fly bug collection box kids craft


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Drawing workshop for kids art activity book