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Fun kids crafts, bead wreath christmas decorations

We made these bead wreath decorations for our Christmas tree but you could also use them to make a mobile or just as pretty ornaments to hang on your wall any time of the year.

Bead threading projects are always fantastic to develop fine motor skills and perseverance in little ones. When making these decorations with my 2 yr old I was surprised by how easily she could thread the wire through the tiny 1mm holes in some of the beads, I think using stiff wire made it much easier.

Please remember to always supervise your little ones when using small loose parts like beads, as they can be a choking hazard.

If you love this project but don't have the materials, check out our fun kids CRAFTS KITS, our MEGA JEWELLERY & THREADING CRAFT BOX includes all the materials you need to make these BEAD WREATHS plus lots of other fun crafts.


  • A selection of beads
  • Wire
  • Items from the recycling bin like bottle tops and cardboard
  • Wire cutters


Cut a length of wire approximately 30-40cm long depending on how large you would like your wreaths to be. Fold the end of the wire to prevent beads from coming off and begin threading.

Fun kids crafts, bead wreath christmas decorations

Fun kids crafts, bead wreath christmas decorations

Leave approximately 10-15cm of wire and the end then twist the wire together to make a loop. Twist the ends of your wire together and make a hook shape.

Fun kids crafts, bead wreath christmas decorations

CRAFT KITS to make at home

If you love this fun project by MINI MAD THINGS but don't have the materials to make it, check out our cool kids CRAFT KITS. With our JEWELLERY & THREADING CRAFT KIT you can make these BEAD WREATHS plus lots of other fun jewellery and threading crafts.

Our MINI MAD CRAFT kits are choc full of crafty fun ready for you to get creative at home. The kits are designed to inspire open-ended creativity. With our range of beautiful, engaging materials, you can either follow our craft tutorials or create your own fun projects.

Pictured below is the MEGA JEWELLERY & THREADING CRAFT KIT craft kit.


kids jewellery and threading craft kit made in Australia


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