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Children's art collage by Mini Mad Things

We have a big stash of old artwork at home, any paintings that are fun and colourful but not quite special enough to make it to the 'keep forever' pile, go into the 'recycle into new art' pile. This is the prefect way to reuse those old artworks and make a wonderful new creation. We cut up old pieces of spin art as well as some reject lino print artworks that mummy had made. This project is fine motor skill practice and process art all rolled into one!



To begin with I drew various shape lines on the back of the artwork for my boy to follow and do cutting practice. I was totally surprised by how long he stuck at it and really enjoyed the process. Once we had a big pile, the gluing began. In our SHOP we stock a fab non-toxic, starch based glue called Pro Coll which is perfect for little hands to glue all sorts of paper and cardboard art.

I'm totally in love with the beautiful compositions we made, I think one might be going in a frame on our gallery wall!

lines drawn on the back of kids art for cutting practice
patterned paper cut up for collage

children's collage artworkkids paper collage artwork

CRAFT KITS to make at home

If you love this collage project by MINI MAD THINGS but don't have the materials to make it, check out our cool kids CRAFT BOXES.

Our MINI MAD CRAFT boxes are brimming with crafty fun ready for you to get creative at home. The kits are designed to inspire open-ended creativity. With our range of beautiful, engaging materials, you can either follow our craft project ideas or create your own fun projects.

Pictured below is the COLLAGE CREATIVE craft box.


Collage creative eco-friendly kids craft kit


Shop our range of environmentally friendly children's art and craft supplies including natural plant based paints, bees wax crayons and recycled newspaper pencils. We have everything your little artist needs to explore their creativity and imagination using safe, eco-friendly art materials.

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Natural watercolour paints
recycled newspaper colouring pencils
Recycled newspaper pencils
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Bees wax crayons

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