3D Collage Unicorns

Collage unicorn kids craft activity

For a long time I had managed to shun the world of unicorns (there seems to be a plague of them at the moment, they are everywhere). However, when my little one turned 3 they firmly landed in our world, with all their pink sparkles and rainbow joy, and are showing no signs of leaving.

Although a little reluctantly, I have decided to embrace the magical UNICORN and ride the rainbow wave! So here is our first unicorn craft project, which I have to admit was a huge hit; my little one is still playing with her unicorns weeks later.

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  • Thick corrugated cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Materials to decorate your unicorns likes paints, coloured markers, paper to collage, washi tape, stickers, yarn or fabric scraps
  • Craft glue


Cut your unicorn body and legs from thick cardboard using a craft knife. Cut a slot into the top of each of the legs. Make the width of the slot the same width as your cardboard. Then cut 2 of the same sized slots into the bottom of the unicorn body.

Begin do decorate your unicorn using paints, collage, stickers or washi tape, whatever materials you have available. We also added yarn to make a tail and mane.

Once your paint and glue have dried, you can also decorate the other side of your unicorn.

cardboard unicorn craft activity for kids

painted cardboard unicorn children's craft

3D cardboard unicorn kids craft activity

My little one loved her unicorns so much, we decided to make them a house to live in! We converted the MINI ART HOUSE project we made for my book UNBOXED: Adventures in cardboard into the perfect colourful unicorn residence.

cardboard unicorns and stable craft project


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