3D Collage House

3D cardboard collage house kids craft activity

My children and I love collage art projects, they are so easy to set up and great for all ages. Also, collage is so open-ended, there is no right or wrong way to glue bits and pieces of paper to cardboard!

With these 3D collage houses, they are extra fun as you can stand them up and play with them. Try making a model of your house or maybe a secret super hero hide out or maybe a fairy castle!


  • Cardboard for the base
  • PVA craft glue
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Materials to collage: scraps of coloured paper, old paintings, wooden craft sticks, paper straws, pipe cleaners, feathers, beads, items from the recycling bin like bread bag tags or bottle tops.


Begin by cutting out 2 house shapes from your cardboard using a craft knife. Ours measured 25x40cm. In the middle of each house cut slots for the house to join together. On one house cut the slot from the top to the middle and on the other house cut the slot from the bottom to the middle.

cardboard house shapes for making 3D collage houses

Then begin decorating your house with collage. Don't glue anything over the central slots of your houses otherwise they won't fit together! Once the glue has dried, decorate the other side as well.

Collage house shapes kids craft activity

Then assemble your house and play!

simple 3D cardboard house decorated with colourful collage

CRAFT KITS to make at home

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Pictured below is the COLLAGE CREATIVE craft box.


Collage creative eco-friendly kids craft kit


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