Nawaro Maya 10 Colour Oil Pastel Set in Metal Case

$14.40 AUD $16.95 AUD

This set of 10 colourful Nawaro MAYA oil pastels are produced from natural non-toxic ingredients, are the perfect for little hands to grip to explore their creativity. They have a smooth texture and create bright vibrant colours.

Nawaro wax crayons are made with 25% beeswax and vegetable stearines derived from palm oil. The palm oil has been harvested by selected local smallholders who cultivate their palm trees organically and sustainably conserving the habitat of endangered species. 


Vegetable stearines, pure beeswax (more than 25%), purified champagne chalk, lanolin (wool fat), silica acid, high share of food paint, with well-chosen organic pigments, stabilized earth and mineral pigment.


The crayon box measures 14cm x 10cm x 1.5cm

Each crayon oil pastel measures 12mm x 85mm



*A slight white sheen on the wax crayons is nothing to worry about, it is simply proof of their quality as it indicates a high beeswax content.


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