12 Life of Colour Acrylic Paint Pens - Glitter

$25.00 USD

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These awesome acrylic paint pens are perfect for adding sparkle to all your craft projects and they can draw on pretty much ANY surface! That includes cardboard, ceramic, wood, leaves, rocks, glass, terracotta pots, fabric, sticks, metal, canvas.... The creative possibilities are endless.

  • The pens come in a set of 12 sparkly glitter colours with 3mm tips.
  • They are mess-free, non toxic and odourless.
  • The pens can be recycled with TerraCycle's writing instrument recycling scheme.
  • Manufactured by an Australian owned Company.
  • The acrylic ink will bond permanently to wood, clay pots, posterboard, plaster and other porous materials. It can be removed from non-porous materials such as glass or plastic with a household cleaner.
  • The ink will come out of your clothes and is not permanent on fabric.

    COLOURS>>> Gold, Silver, Brown, Copper, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow and purple, all with a glittery sparkle.

    BRAND >>> Life of Colour


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