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Kids activities small parts construction

I have a huge selection of small parts for construction including;

Bought items like paddle pop sticks, match sticks, elastic bands, pom poms, pegs, googly eyes, tassels and paper clips.

Found natural items like gum nuts, seed pods, twigs, shells and pebbles.

Recycled items like bottle tops, sushi soy sauce fish and corks.

My 4yr old loves the immediacy of being able to build things on his own without having to wait for glue to dry or my help with the hot glue gun. This is a great activity that he keeps coming back to time and time again. We use blu tack, elastic bands and paper clips to hold everything together. If you want your creations to be more permanent you could glue them together.

These are a few of the crazy creatures my 4yr old and I made together:

Small parts play - making crazy creatures

Small parts play - making crazy creatures

Small parts play - making crazy creatures


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