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Recycled cardboard box kids car

After moving house we had so many cardboard boxes, this was one of the creations we made together. It's super easy to make and fun for kids to decorate and play with afterwards. The thing I love most about making large cardboard toys like this car is that once their interest wains in playing with it, the cardboard goes straight back into the recycling bin or is used for other craft activities.

MATERIALS: Large cardboard box + extra for the wheels, craft knife, glue and paint (optional).

TUTORIAL: Tape or glue the end flaps of the box down. Cut a large hole in the top and a door to open on one side.

recycled cardboard car

From your extra cardboard cut out a steering wheel, 4 wheels and a radiator grill. Glue everything in place and your car is ready to go!

recycled cardboard toy car

Painting and decorating your car is optional!

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